Connor Smyth

Weekly Newsletter – April 27, 2020

This is the first installation of my weekly newsletter of interesting sites, apps, or digital services that I have found.


A list of /uses pages detailing developer setups, gear, software and configs.

Created by Wes Bos, one of the hosts of, for any developer that has visited a site and wondered, “what’s did this developer build this site built with?”. If you’re interested in starting a new project and looking for guidance within a specific framework or interested in hiring a developer with a certain toolset stack, this is a great place to start.

You can go ahead and add yourself to the list by making a pull-request to the repository

Learn Storybook – Design Systems for Developers

A guide that teaches professional developers how to transform component libraries into design systems and set up the production infrastructure used by leading frontend teams.

Design systems power the frontend teams of Shopify, IBM, Salesforce, Airbnb, Twitter, and many more. This guide for professional developers examines how the smartest teams engineer design systems at scale and why they use the tools they use. We’ll walk through setting up core services, libraries, and workflows to develop a design system from scratch.

Follow along as we code a design system that’s inspired by Storybook’s own. We’ll learn the developer perspective on design systems by examining three technical pieces of a design system.

  • 🏗 Common reusable UI components
  • 🎨 Design tokens: Styling-specific variables such as brand colors and spacing
  • 📕 Documentation site: Usage instructions, narrative, do’s and don’ts

After that, we’ll set up the industrial-grade infrastructure for review, testing, documentation, and distribution.

Bulbman Art

Free Artistic Illustrations for Designers

This is a father-son artistic team building art for free. A big design trend today is to have illustrations in your site’s design or documentation and this is a great way to accomplish that.

There is a lot of art for the present moment (COVID-19 quarantine) and for any other time.

Mystery Books

Support local independent bookstores and buy a mystery book bundle.

The COVID-19 pandemic has put many local shopkeepers at risk of closing. We partner with independent bookstores to deliver mystery books pack to you. Cure the boredom of being stuck inside and help local businesses during these times. All proceeds go to local book stores, and we make $0.


Game programming anytime, anywhere with Nintendo Switch ™!

“Petitcon 4” is a programming tool that allows you to create and play games on Nintendo Switch.

Equipped with the programming language “SmileBASIC” that is easy for beginners, it is full of image and sound materials for game creation! Anyone can easily enjoy game creation and various programming that makes full use of the functions of Nintendo Switch.

Furthermore, the created program can be published on the Internet. You can also easily download and play programs created by other Petit Con users.