Connor Smyth

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Black Lives Matter

The world is going through changes. It’s important to have conversations with people and use the platforms available to us to try help. I wanted to use this post today to highlight ways that anyone can help in the Toronto community.

Where to Donate

New York magazine has a list of 115 Ways to Donate in Support of Black Lives and Communities of Color. I encourage anyone looking to help to read through this list.

As someone who has a transgender sister I would like to specifically highlight supporting transgender people of colour in Toronto. The city of Toronto website has some resources for transgender people. I would also recommend learning about the daily struggles of transgender people and specifically transgender people of colour.

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For trans women of color facing ‘epidemic’ of violence, each day is a fight for survival: ‘I’m an endangered species… but I cannot stop living’

Black Organizations in Toronto

NOW magazine highlights some organizations in Toronto that can always use support.

Black organizations and fundraisers you can support in Toronto

I personally will be reaching out to organizations as a volunteer to see if they have any need for a developer with my skillset. Even if it is as simple as refreshing their website or cleaning up a WordPress instance so it runs more smoothly, I would like to help. If you know of any organizations that I should reach out to in particular, please let me know.

Black-Owned Businesses in Toronto

NOW magazine also has a list of Black-owned businesses in Toronto that you can support to help maintain and empower their presence in the community.

Black-owned businesses in Toronto you can support right now